See All Your Data Insights In One Place

It's time to stop wasting time in collecting data, sharing spreadsheets, or going back and forth on where the data is coming from or which calculation is right. Our online platform powers analytics, forecasting and planning. The platform can be used by cross-functional teams across the Organization, including sales, supply chain, operations, and marketing.

SAAS Solution for CPG Companies

  • See all your data in one place
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Flexible Pricing - You pay for what you use
  • Allows to add multiple accounts
  • Customizable - Can be customized to serve yours and your clients needs better
  • Secured - We know data security is paramount. That's why LiveInsights uses services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Value To You


Actionable insights from orders and POS analytics; automated reporting, and smart alerts. Live Insights simplify data collection and cleansing, so you can get straight to insights


Zoom into opportunities by focusing on what’s selling where, real-time forecasted demand, to name a few. Live Insights dynamically recommends top opportunity areas to direct your resources


Forecasts are updated in real-time and machine learning self-tunes demand models based on new data

Our Solution Is Ideal For

CPG Brokers

Add multiple accounts

Cloud Infrastructure

CPG Manufacturers

One platform for all your business intelligence and forecasting needs

Scope to improve demand forecasting and hence improving Supply Chain efficiencies

Connects directly to your ERP

CPG Small / Mid Sized Companies

See all your data in one place

No more excel overload

Easier to use and saves time